The Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation is a privately-owned, international holding company. DKM brings active stewardship to the businesses it acquires, and as a private company investing its own capital is able to define and implement its own long-term strategic goals. Furthermore, its experience in the acquisition of family-owned businesses gives DKM sensitivity to the various issues faced by family owner-managers contemplating the sale of their businesses.


DKM is actively seeking to acquire new platform holdings and strategic add-on purchases to complement our existing businesses. DKM's solid financial position, buttressed by strong and consistent cash flow from its operating companies and committed bank credit facilities, permits most acquisitions without the need for a financing contingency.
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Charles H. Dyson DKM was founded in 1954 by Charles H. Dyson when he pioneered the leveraged buyout, acquiring the Hubbard Co. with a loan from First National Bank of Boston and just $8,000 of his own money. In 1996, Forbes named him the "father of leveraged buyouts." DKM continues to be wholly owned by the Dyson Family.
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