Investment Strategy

The Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation invests only its own capital, supplemented by bank debt, giving it complete control in defining and implementing long-term strategic goals. DKM strives to enhance the value of each business it acquires. DKM does this through operational expertise, rigorous strategic planning processes, financial resources, and strong working relationships with the management teams of the companies it acquires.


DKM is actively seeking to acquire new platform holdings and strategic add-on purchases to complement our existing businesses. DKM’s solid financial position, buttressed by strong and consistent cash flow from its operating companies and committed bank credit facilities, permits most acquisitions to be made without the need for a financing contingency.

Target Size

  • Platform Acquisition
    • Sales volume in excess of $50 million
    • EBITDA margins of 10% or higher
  • Add-On Acquisition
    • Size is not of primary importance

Business Characteristics

  • Platform Acquisition
    • Demonstrated consistent earning power
    • Solid cash generator
    • Experienced management team
    • Leading, sustainable market positions
  • Add-On Acquisition
    • Company should complement and enhance the prospects of an existing business platform